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Rules of the cat cafe

what the cats wish for, or THE RULES OF OUR CAT COFFEE

Dear guests, we are cats and we do what we want and when we want.

therefore :

Take great care when entering the café so we do not slip out on the street.

don't wake up us when we sleep

Do not drag us and do not lift us for sure.

When shooting, please do not blink in the eye with lightning.

Do not feed us with human good. We might even like to taste what you have on a good saucer, but then our stomach would certainly hurt.

If you are sick and have your hands full of handkerchiefs, come to us sometimes sometimes.

And please do not yell at us or even run here. Only cats can run here.

Sometimes we're in the mood and we all go underfoot. So be careful about us.

We play with the kids very much, but only with those who do not hurt us. We ask parents to supervise your children, dont forget we are carnivores.

We know our own dog, the others could hurt us, so we only watch them through the window

We have to tell you that if these rules are violated, it may happen that we can push sticks or even show teeth, and we do not really want to. In addition, our aunt or uncle would be angered, because it is up to us to have a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

We wish you enjoyed us often to visit us, play with us and caress our fur.