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About us

Cat cafes in the world and gradually in our country cease to be an exceptional novelty.

We are very glad that we can welcome the cat café guests even in our country, in the beautiful royal town of Písek.

Our desire was to open a nice café with delicious coffee and goodies to her, with a friendly staff and a cat company. A place to forget about everyday life. You care for a cat's fur or you will enjoy the cat with a simple look and you will be fine. At the same time, we want to show that the cat is an animal that deserves attention, love and care. One can feel very comfortable in a cat company, even anti-stress effects and positive effects on human health are proven.

All the cats that you will ever see come from the Pisecké kočky deposit. They share what all the cats that get into the shelter - they have lost their home or never had it.

In our café we want to provide a permanent home for up to nine cats who will be our dear companions. One to two cats can only be there to visit this way to find and find a new home.

KočKavárna starts especially with young animals, which is more or less a coincidence. This is partly due to the season when the kittens' offer is relatively high since spring. Unfortunately, even in shelters. So gradually, as our young cats will grow, we will recognize their nature and you, our guests, will help us erase them.

At the café we also have a catalog of cats looking for new homes. The cat's photo and story is in the catalog. We have to remind our dear guests that it is often not a cheerful reading but does not contain unpleasant photos.

If you want to ask something, or something to consult about coffee and talk about cats, please contact our service.


VOLFGANG ALBERT · October 27, 2018 at 15:53

Velmi pěkné provedení vašich stránek opravdu ! Moc vám fandime ! Manželé Albertovi z Písku.

    admin · October 29, 2018 at 21:43

    Děkujeme za pochvalu a největší odměnou nám bude , když nás zase navštívíte.
    KočKavárna tým a kočičky

Michael · March 5, 2019 at 9:31

Zbožňuji vaší kavárnu. Kočky jsou moc milé a vždy se tam bavím velmi dobře 🙂

    admin · March 11, 2019 at 7:07

    Dobrý den,
    děkujeme moc za chválu a těší nás Vaše přízeň.
    Rádi Vás zase u nás uvidíme.
    Kočkavárníci a kočičky

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